Private Coaching

Teaching orientation

My studio is a collaborative and experimental space. When you come through my door, I don’t have any idea what you want to express, how you’re “supposed” to sound, or what your goals might be. These are questions we can explore together, and I am eager to help guide you toward your own discoveries.


Due to the demands of my other professional activities, my private coaching availability is often limited. Most students schedule lesson times on a week-by-week or month-by-month basis. I am located in New York City. Please feel free to call or write with serious inquiries, and I apologize in advance if my schedule is unable to accommodate you.


  • $100/hour

Studio rental fees are extra. Payment may be made by check or cash at the end of each lesson. 


  • If you are sick, please call me, then stay at home and rest. Your lesson will probably be wasted time for you if you’re not feeling well, and I don’t want to catch your illness.

  • No-shows and lessons canceled less than 24 hours in advance will be billed at the regular lesson rate, barring extraordinary circumstances.

  • In the event that you are running late and are unable to contact me, I will wait ten minutes for you.

Lesson Format

  • Generally, lessons are divided equally between technique and application.

  • Please wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to move in your lesson.

  • Visitors are welcome to quietly observe lessons with the prior consent of the student. Please be aware, however, that frequent observations may create an artificial “performance” environment for the student and serve as an obstacle to vocal progress and learning.

  • If you are a singer and choose to work with a piano accompanist, please have her/him arrive halfway through your lesson time.

  • You are welcome to record your lesson using your own method/equipment. Nowadays, many students can make very good recordings using their smartphones.


Although expressive goals cannot be separated from the artistic process, I am first and foremost a technician and problem-solver. I usually begin with the body, because it is tangible and accessible. Whatever your ambition may be, you will find benefits in many areas of your life from experiencing the mechanics of breathing freely and fully, of reducing strain and tension in your musculature, and of initiating and nurturing an expressive impulse from the body’s center. Once the rudiments of a free instrument are in place, we will shift our focus toward the craft of connecting deeply to a piece, to the audience, and to oneself.

You are free to supplement your study with other qualified teachers. Please let me know if you take lessons from another teacher so I can learn something new from your experience. Some people recommend studying with only one person to avoid conflicting viewpoints and confusion, but if you feel sharp enough to handle a lot of information at once, go for it!

I am not a piano accompanist. Occasionally I will play a rudimentary chordal accompaniment for a beginning singing student’s lesson, but if you are preparing for a sung performance, please arrange for a professional accompanist to join us for the second half of your lesson.

Generally speaking, I am comfortable teaching actors and singers in any genre, even if I am not an expert in your particular style. We all have the same physiology and similar humanity, and I believe that cross-genre training is one of the best, most interesting, and most fun ways to make progress. I love it when my students introduce me to a new textual or musical idiom. In the case that your preferred genre is so foreign to me that I can’t help you improve, I will of course try to point you toward someone more qualified.

I prefer that students take the lead in repertoire selection. Please come with something to work on. If you are totally at a loss in finding suitable material, I will be happy to point you in the right direction.

These are my thoughts as we begin. Please feel free to share your own, and I look forward to working with you!